DNA (Did Not Attend)

If a patient fails to attend for an appointment and does not contact the surgery in advance to cancel or change this appointment this then becomes a ‘Did Not Attend’ (DNA).

Recently the number of DNA appointments has risen at our Surgery with an average of 40 appointments a week wasted due to non-attenders, this equates to two full days of appointments with one of our Doctors.

The effects of these are:

An increase in the waiting time for appointments
Frustration for both staff and patients
A waste of resources
A potential risk to the health of the patient

We understand appointments are sometimes missed due to unforeseen circumstances, but we would ask that you contact the Practice as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment or your appointment is no longer needed.

You can contact us to cancel your appointment by:

Calling: 0191 496 3770
Emailing: STYNCCG.TheGlenMedicalGroup@nhs.net
Texting: 0787 422 1946 (for cancellation of appointments only, please give your full name, appointment date & time)

At this time the pressure on our appointments is immense and we now monitor the amount of appointments missed weekly. Following our Practice policy we will ask anyone who does not attend on three separate occasions within one year to register at another Practice.

Did Not Attend Policy

Our Website is currently under review. Econsult and repeat prescriptions can still be requested via the website in the normal way. Thank you for your patience.


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