Dementia Information

Living Well with Dementia Drop In

South Tyneside Homes, Dementia Action Alliance and Alzheimer’s Society will also be there to provide information and support.

 There will be opportunities for activities and socialising.

For more information please call

Maureen on 0191 424 7870


The Herbert Protoctol
Knowledge and understanding about a person can help when they go missing, and it is this principle that forms the basis of the Herbert Protocol. The Herbert Protocol involves family members providing information on their loved one with dementia, so if they go missing, it can immediately be handed over and utilised in the golden hour of the investigation.
What do you need to do?
If you are out and about in your role, especially as a Neighbourhood Officer or Community Engagement Officer, please promote the Herbert Protocol to people you think may benefit. By making sure partner organisations, health care professionals and individuals caring for someone with dementia are aware of the protocol and how to sign up, you’ll be safeguarding the vulnerable in our society.
There is a link on our website for people to use the protocol. Please signpost people to the link which you’ll find on the Missing Persons pages.
If you are a response officer, the next time you find yourself dealing with a missing person case involving a person with Dementia make sure check to see if the Herbert Protocol is in place as this could play a key part in the investigation.

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